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Just a Little Tweaking, Here and There

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An artist or an author has a great deal of trouble knowing when to quit. He/she – actually, He. I am going to quit any of this pc baloney. Especially since I am a LOL – Little Old Lady. We get to say anything we want.

I both paint and write so it’s double trouble, I’m a compulsive tweaker. I enjoy palette knife paintings, and those are hard to mess with when dry. Writing? I never go anywhere near a piece of my writing, however old, without changing something: a comma, a misspelling? – been there, done that.

I have to assume most of it is because I get smarter with age rather than dumber. I think most people think stupidity happens automatically  when you turn sixty-five. I was playing bridge one night when one of the ladies complained about a question put to the mother of one of our presidents. “They’re just taking advantage of a Senior Citizen.”  Tell me who the dumb one was.

Friday was July 4th. 238 years. I don’t know at which age you begin asking yourself, how many years have I got left? An individual can wind up his motor and get down to finishing his dreams. A country has to ask itself how is the old dream? Better or worse? Or is it lost altogether? Is there time to catch the falling star? Does anyone believe in the star any more? Shall I tweak it or really take a go at it?

It rather looks these days as though someone has licked the icing from our cake. It is a ragged cake with a president who is voted the worst since WWII. For myself I’d say the worst ever in the history of our country.

He is like a child who believes his charm can so fill the eyes of his audience they do not notice he is a Svengali intent on owning their spirit. It is only his ineptness that has kept him from completely doing so. If he were as smart as Bill Clinton, with his own disposition, we would be in big trouble.

Adolph Hitler was the smartest of the tyrants we have known in the last century. Stalin was a bull in the china shop, knocking over his country’s treasures. Mao did the same thing. Mussolini made a good start at making things work in Italy, but as big as his stomach was, his eyes were bigger.

If you look at Hitler’s planning, his deviousness, his political smarts, he was a true Machiavellian. By promising the people what they wanted to hear, he wormed his way into the government – legally. He pretended at each step that his actions were legal. He got the German people to swallow his formula for a Greater Germany.

It is in this political planning that Obama resembles Hitler. Perhaps there is a kinship with ego-maniacs who want to make their dream the world power. Ego prevents true wisdom. It activates the crazed part of our being.

Germans did nothing to stop their hero.

What are we doing to stop our little tyrant?

The progressives (most democrats) have been working on their plans for years. Since Teddy Roosevelt at least. When they could not do it voting, they went for the Hitler deal. Call the present government names. Hitler used traitors, Jews and Communists. His weapon, of course, propaganda. We, of course are thieves and killers and destroyers.

Obama has a much easier time of it. Since he is part African-American, all he needs to say is “Racist.” Then he has a newspaper industry who loves it and makes that their password. As Saul Alinsky says, to destroy the opposition, ridicule it. Don’t argue. That seldom changes minds but ridicule stirs the emotions and closes the conversation. The man in the street, doesn’t have to be knowledgeable then. He can be a clever debater by shouting a name.

The smartest thing the progressives have done is to take over the universities and education. They have  eliminated History from the schools so that students have no argument to make against the rewriting of it. In a way, it is amusing to watch those candid questions on TV asking about history. Recently some College students could not name the founding fathers. One thought Lincoln was the first president. Another had no real clue who George Washington was or did. College kids.

If you asked them about the Bill of Rights, what those rights were, I’m sure the girls would say the right to have the government pay for their contraceptives.

Of course, they have a good example in the White House – a man who didn’t know what language Austrians spoke. How much history can you know without knowing of the German-Austrian  connections? I wonder if Obama knows that the German Hitler was born in Austria. Or cares? How bad is it when the president who has gone to Harvard doesn’t know history?

My only hope is that Obama has at last shown himself for what he is and perhaps Americans are waking up to the real McCoy. As he gleefully oversteps his bounds, time after time, the Americans will, I hope begin to realize how important the Constitution is, and how right the founding fathers were.

If they ever learn what a founding father is, of course, and who and what they were. Some of those kids thought we fought the Revolution with France. One said Russia, most hadn’t a clue. Only one girl knew it was England.

As the old radio show, Fibber McGee and Molly said (well, Molly always said it). “Taint  Funny, McGee.” By the way, Fibber and Molly were delightfully Irish and no one complained.

For myself, I’d like to see Obama deposed from his throne for: Fast and Furious; Failure to do anything about the Marine in a Mexican jail, supposedly in Obama’s  politics,  because he had a gun; Benghazi – again failure to protect our citizens – gross negligence and lying; The IRS scandal – using them as a political too; Failure to carry out the laws passed by Congress – i.e. changing them illegally or only carrying out the parts he wanted to; Failure to see that the Justice Department is doing it’s sworn duty; Lying to the American people deliberately and willingly; Failure to carry out his duties for Veterans as their Commander in Chief, letting them die while he goes out campaigning; Failure to follow the Constitution. Lying. Lying. Lying. And now, deliberately, knowingly and with planning  using children as immigrants to destroy the Immigration Department and our country.

Of course, the obvious problem side of uncrowning the king is that Biden will be president. Perhaps that is why he was picked – to make it harder to impeach Obama.  But I don’t think Biden can do much damage. He hasn’t the following. Although the press probably still won’t cover the news properly. They’ll just repeat Biden’s lip slips.

Well, I’ll settle for that. But I’ll wish for Biden a long and healthy life. The next one up is Pelosi. I think she is the most disliked person in Congress, although Harry Reid must be a contender. But, we need to get the establishment out of congress and the news away from Obama.

So, how many more good birthdays can the United States of America count on? It all depends upon you. We need more than just a  little tweaking.

Happy Birthday, United States of America – and many, many more.








Saturday Night. Another World

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A lady never tells her age. It just sneaks out when she isn’t looking:  her manners (or lack of them), the smile that a word might bring, even the swear word she might use when she is totally annoyed. I have no doubt that by the time this bit of whimsy is finished you can tell the month, the date and the year I was born.

Well,  almost.

Someone mentioned a poem they had written about a Saturday night.

Saturday night. Another world.

In this real world, well, the Old Grey Mare, she ain’t what she used to be. Saturday night now means ho, hum. There is nothing on television until Fox’s Bulls and Bears at eleven. Don’t know where the Brit Mysteries went, but since that station only has eight months of programs (four of appeals), there is no point in looking for them. Perhaps this is one of those gifts that keeps on giving.

Saturday Nights. How I loved them. As a kid, it meant a movie. And later, a movie with that good night kiss you sang to yourself about all week

i lived in Toledo, Ohio in my sort of single days. You know, that town that everyone makes fun of. Actually it wasn’t bad then. It has one of the world’s best art museums and the theaters still had wine velvet drapes with gold thread, small restaurants in a downtown that stayed open for the movie crowd, street cars that ran only on the hour after twelve and I think stopped totally at two. Several of the nicer restaurants had a dance floor and one of the stone quarries offered dancing under the stars. I’ll take that.

Saturday actually started on Friday nights. Hair, nails, iron our special dresses and shine the shoes – an evening routine that was the equal to any “I have to wash my hair” excuse.

Then the dressing up for Saturday deal. White gloves. Highest heels we had. The latest in hats (or not). Then downtown on the bus for lunch – for which my future sister-in-law, friend was always half an hour late. Our favorite lunch place was  the restaurant in our favorite store. Later I’d take my kids there for their birthday lunch.

At Christmas time the stores filled their windows with manger scenes and angels that left you gasping. My store had the best Santa in town.

My sister-in-law was a tiny thing and there were always great bargains on the racks for her. So we’d head for the dress sale racks. There was always a clerk to greet you and actually wait on you. She’d check your dressing room to see if everything was alright, see if she could find something for you, or get a different size. For a long time, she got a commission but that disappeared about the time the clerks disappeared.

After that we’d go to a smaller but pricier place to drool over their hats.  If only I had those lovely things today. big black and huge straw, sparkling white Scarlet O’Hara hats, little straws that actually did have cherries or tiny flowers and ribbons on them, a black Ingrid Bergman hat from Casablanca, a stacked straw, a glorious pink hat with big pink roses, a white fur that the Czars’ wife might have worn. Oh my.

If I could have some reminder of those days, I’d take the hats, plus maybe one wine velvet dress, one lavender cotton with big embroidered lilacs, and one pair of gold sandals.

it was like a gigantic treasure box. No bare shopping malls. Just “Downtown” where all the good things were. I wonder if New York City is still like it was when I visited th city with Macy’s and Sacs, a .small downtown  A mall just is not the same. No romance. No big deal.

The stores then had a book and a candy department, and a yard goods department. Big bolts of heavy Skinner satin and lovely soft Pendleton wools. Huge books of patterns for beautiful dresses and fuzzy pajamas. They had one of the prettiest leopard print furs I’ve ever seen. I don’t like most they look so artificial, but this was soft (fake furry) and beautiful.  I made a coat I loved for years. It was my signature coat.

I had my first two charge cards there, down town. My behavior was never so good again as it as with them!

And that was just the afternoon.

I don’t know what Saturday night is these days. Just another day to go out?

It really was the highlight of the week. If you were lucky, your date was a good dancer. If not it was movie night. The theaters were always packed. We didn’t usually bother with the first couple of weeks of a block buster, but settled for a good one in one of the smaller theaters. And yes, there were balconies and snuggling, but those weren’t our choice of seats if we could help it.

Then waffles and coffee in one of the small restaurants that catered to the movie crowd.

I look at the block malls and the tiny bare theaters and I’m glad I’m not a kid now. I guess maybe the screen  elements are worth the excitement of going to the movies, but I can’t think of trading that for the wonderful voice of Ronald Colman, or that lovely, deep French voice of Charles Boyer murmuring in your ear.

Those were the best of times, the worst of times. The worst only because they are gone forever Another world.

Capitalism, Communism and God

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To begin with I am not a fundamentalist and am in many ways an almost Catholic. I say almost because it is too male centered to be honest. I trust in the goodness of God. I believe He seeks to touch each life to bring each person to him according to who the person is, the processes that make him an individual. I believe a holy Buddhist is a better man than a bad Christian.

The first problem I see is the literal view of the Old Testament. I believe it to be chiefly the history of the Jewish people and their relationship with God I don’t doubt that it was inspired, but I believe the inspiration a practical one, not a verbatim thought by God.

I think that God took into account the person writing the material. Like it or not, the person does have an influence on what is said, how it is said and the conclusions drawn. Take for instance, St. Paul and his epistles. He has a definite idea of women’s place in the world, but it is his world, his understanding of what is right and proper in that world. His idea of what God expects of people in that world. He had no inkling of any other world. I really cannot believe that God whispered in St. Paul’s ear every word to write. He gave Paul love and the wisdom to discern things in the world he knew.

God had formed Paul, seen to his conversion, his moral understanding. God just does not follow people around and put words in their mouth at every moment of their lives. He makes them understand and says “Go at it, Pal.” That understanding is filtered through what the person knows. God also understands that man is not a perfect machine, that he is the product of a fallen soul. Paul himself admits he is a fallen man.

Would God then, demand that women be silent and wear veils over their heads in this day and age? Women were the property of men then, if not literally, at least morally. Women were believed to be less than man. Is that really what God meant for today? Paul’s view of the role was conditioned by what he knew.

St. Augustine is generally accepted as a man inspired by god. Yet from Augustine comes the idea that God has predestined some men to be saved, most to go to hell. Perhaps God allows it rather than predestines it because He knows some men will choose evil. If He gave man a free will, He could not predestine him. Jesus consistently talked about good and bad choices. If you have choice, you do not, cannot have predestination.

As for God and the Jews, God and the cruelty of the Old Testament, we have again man’s understanding to deal with. God even told Job that man could not understand God. God could touch a man and make him holy, yes. But since He gave mankind free will, that is, the ability to make a choice whether to serve and love God or not, He could hardly make every man a saint. Man has to choose. Sometimes man’s intentions are better than his understanding. And, his understanding is always influenced by who and what he is.

The Jews, like Paul were a product of their time. God, then dealt with them on that basis. He knows who each of us is. I believe He deals with us on that basis.

Jesus saves. Yes, By His death He opened the door of heaven for mankind. He never said Baptists or Catholics or any special sect. He died for mankind. He did not die for a few Europeans, For many years, those were chiefly the believers. It took a long time for the word to spread to Asians and Africans. Do you think He had a great time creating all those people to cast into hell?

There is an old Catholic doctrine that claims the baptism of desire. That is, if a person truly desires God and lives accordingly, he is baptized by his desire for God.

Which brings me to the problem of homosexuality. I am not God so I can’t solve this problem. At the time of the Jews I do think that God taught them it was wrong. But He also said through Paul, “When I was a child, I thought as a child.” I personally do not have an answer on that morality. The only thing I can do is let God deal with the individual and Himself.

On the problem of marriage, I see no good reason to disturb tradition by changing the definition of a word, which is what it amounts to. I am old enough to honor tradition. It is history that can unite and enlighten a nation.

A word has meaning. I fail to see why that particular word has to apply to a ceremony that denies its meaning. What is wrong with vows, for instance? They could take a vow for a loving alliance.

I think the homosexual attitude on the word “marriage” is wrong, just as I believe their actions in their parades in San Francisco are wrong. Decency, thoughtfulness, courtesy demand something from all of us. To ask it does not make a hater. To ask the Muslims not to build their Mosque at the site of September 11, is not hate. It is courtesy and compassion.

Each of us is responsible to God. While it may be a concern in my Charity that you act in concert with God’s love – in the end you are your own responsibility.

I believe the Garden of Eden story not quite literally but emotionally and spiritually. I see no reason that when He made man, He couldn’t start with an amoeba, a fish, a monkey or whatever. At some point, God touched man and gave him a soul. That is, He created the Adam and Eve. when man was fit to receive the soul. The time between mud and man is immaterial. God, if you believe in Him, can do anything He wants, when He wants, can He not? Frankly, I think this “to do” about Creationism in schools is just that. I doubt if knowing about it hurts anyone. So, it is a theory. A lot of science is a theory. Earth warming is a theory. That is stuffed down everyone’s throat. I don’t especially recommend the teaching of Creationism but I won’t have a fit over it either. Unlike many things that are taught, it won’t kill anyone.

From the savage then, man had to grow both intellectually and spiritually. Spirituality and the Jews, and now, modern man. Man was not meant to stay at a primitive level.

The process of growth has been long and painful. Monarchy, tyranny, the Greeks the Romans, Kings, Queens, Empires, and yes the Muslims and Eastern religions and philosophies along with Christianity, these have all shaped mankind.

Aside from the politics and religion, we also have the individual character of each man, his weaknesses, his strengths, his stupidity, his intelligence. If men were perfect we might have a natural socialism, but as it is man is the victim of being a man.

Our family once entertained a man from Red China in our home. We did not discuss politics because he was a guest and we did not want to cause any discomfort. He did say that as a teacher, his big problem was the lack of incentive. There was no reason to excel in a world where everyone was by force, equal.

A man is happiest when he can dream and strive. Success is nice, but the trying is the excitement. That is the purpose of the line in the constitution that says “the pursuit of happiness”. It was intended that man be free to reach out for the stars without the interference of government.

Budding socialists or progressives want to say that capitalism is evil. No. Capitalism is only a format within which man is most free to reach the stars. If man is greedy, that is not the fault of capitalism but the fault of man. He is no less greedy under monarchies, socialism or communism. Hitler, Stalin and others of that ilk are the natural result of a system of state run power, which is what those systems are. There is little chance in those systems for man to escape it, to be himself because if he is a good man, (without revolution) he cannot fight well enough to be free. If he is a greedy, power-hungry man, he can join the system and succeed as a parasite.

Many young people claim that Jesus was a communist. Jesus was not born to change the political system of the world. He told man to give, said it was harder for a rich man to enter heaven than a camel through the eye of a needle. But, as with the Samaritan, he never suggested taking money from the rich to give to the poor. He did not go around spreading money. He fed the crowd from love and necessity, not a political example. He did not criticize the governments. He criticized the men to save their souls. If he said “share” it was for the welfare of the neighbor but not for political motives. It was for love and salvation. A communistic Jesus is too easy. It excuses the real hardship of charity.

In a capitalistic system, you have greed, yes. Brought to its final conclusion, it can end up in monarchy, socialism or communism or any other sort of dictatorship. That is what the constitution is meant to guard us from. If we are not careful and if we buy the current progressive philosophy, we are in danger of ending in tyranny.

Cole said that communism does not force. It shares. In an ideal world, perhaps. But to call sharing communism is a bit over the top.

The one fact and hope remains. Capitalism is the system which gives a man his best chance to be free and good. Take a look at technology. Because it is intensely competitive, it grows exponentially. How many in our country have become successful (and hopefully happy) because of this competition? You kids with your phones and gadgets certainly enjoy the fruits of capitalism. (The Communists, that is China, steal the technology, not invent it.)

Communism and tyrannies cannot afford competition. China is beginning to become more competitive internally, but as with Tianamin Square, that government cannot afford to let go of its control. Once the government lets go, then you have capitalism.

In our country we have no Tienamin Square. We have the left which makes fun of the tea party and the Republicans because that is the way they plan to keep them from progress in breaking free of an all too intrusive government Call a man a fool often enough and no one will pay attention to him. And the Left excels at propaganda while the right stands around with their fingers up their nose and says, “Duh.”

The left, let us say “Progressives” are numerically superior and much more dangerous. They believe themselves to be the “elite”. They have a long established plan to make the country socialist (since Teddy Roosevelt) and they have very nearly succeeded because they control the teaching content of the universities.

But, they overplayed their hand with Obama..

Why, in his first European speech, did Obama not know what language Austrians spoke ? How can you know ANY European history without knowing about the Austrian Empire?

One of his first acts was to send back to England the bust of Churchill. That was a deliberate sign, deny it though he will. He is not interested in the European society. He wants to replace it with a world where the third countries can take from the West.

The problem is that the young are so idealistic. It is good, but not practical. Their education is purposely slanted by the universities to believe that America is a villain. Check to see how many liberals vs. the right are in the universities. The numbers are available.

Experience will show that because a thing is good it is not always the right action. People who oppose it are not evil. They usually want the same goal but choose a different path.

If you want to save the world, be a congressman without ulterior motives and help the people to have the freedom to determine their own destiny by protecting the constitution.