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Just a Little Tweaking, Here and There

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An artist or an author has a great deal of trouble knowing when to quit. He/she – actually, He. I am going to quit any of this pc baloney. Especially since I am a LOL – Little Old Lady. We get to say anything we want.

I both paint and write so it’s double trouble, I’m a compulsive tweaker. I enjoy palette knife paintings, and those are hard to mess with when dry. Writing? I never go anywhere near a piece of my writing, however old, without changing something: a comma, a misspelling? – been there, done that.

I have to assume most of it is because I get smarter with age rather than dumber. I think most people think stupidity happens automatically  when you turn sixty-five. I was playing bridge one night when one of the ladies complained about a question put to the mother of one of our presidents. “They’re just taking advantage of a Senior Citizen.”  Tell me who the dumb one was.

Friday was July 4th. 238 years. I don’t know at which age you begin asking yourself, how many years have I got left? An individual can wind up his motor and get down to finishing his dreams. A country has to ask itself how is the old dream? Better or worse? Or is it lost altogether? Is there time to catch the falling star? Does anyone believe in the star any more? Shall I tweak it or really take a go at it?

It rather looks these days as though someone has licked the icing from our cake. It is a ragged cake with a president who is voted the worst since WWII. For myself I’d say the worst ever in the history of our country.

He is like a child who believes his charm can so fill the eyes of his audience they do not notice he is a Svengali intent on owning their spirit. It is only his ineptness that has kept him from completely doing so. If he were as smart as Bill Clinton, with his own disposition, we would be in big trouble.

Adolph Hitler was the smartest of the tyrants we have known in the last century. Stalin was a bull in the china shop, knocking over his country’s treasures. Mao did the same thing. Mussolini made a good start at making things work in Italy, but as big as his stomach was, his eyes were bigger.

If you look at Hitler’s planning, his deviousness, his political smarts, he was a true Machiavellian. By promising the people what they wanted to hear, he wormed his way into the government – legally. He pretended at each step that his actions were legal. He got the German people to swallow his formula for a Greater Germany.

It is in this political planning that Obama resembles Hitler. Perhaps there is a kinship with ego-maniacs who want to make their dream the world power. Ego prevents true wisdom. It activates the crazed part of our being.

Germans did nothing to stop their hero.

What are we doing to stop our little tyrant?

The progressives (most democrats) have been working on their plans for years. Since Teddy Roosevelt at least. When they could not do it voting, they went for the Hitler deal. Call the present government names. Hitler used traitors, Jews and Communists. His weapon, of course, propaganda. We, of course are thieves and killers and destroyers.

Obama has a much easier time of it. Since he is part African-American, all he needs to say is “Racist.” Then he has a newspaper industry who loves it and makes that their password. As Saul Alinsky says, to destroy the opposition, ridicule it. Don’t argue. That seldom changes minds but ridicule stirs the emotions and closes the conversation. The man in the street, doesn’t have to be knowledgeable then. He can be a clever debater by shouting a name.

The smartest thing the progressives have done is to take over the universities and education. They have  eliminated History from the schools so that students have no argument to make against the rewriting of it. In a way, it is amusing to watch those candid questions on TV asking about history. Recently some College students could not name the founding fathers. One thought Lincoln was the first president. Another had no real clue who George Washington was or did. College kids.

If you asked them about the Bill of Rights, what those rights were, I’m sure the girls would say the right to have the government pay for their contraceptives.

Of course, they have a good example in the White House – a man who didn’t know what language Austrians spoke. How much history can you know without knowing of the German-Austrian  connections? I wonder if Obama knows that the German Hitler was born in Austria. Or cares? How bad is it when the president who has gone to Harvard doesn’t know history?

My only hope is that Obama has at last shown himself for what he is and perhaps Americans are waking up to the real McCoy. As he gleefully oversteps his bounds, time after time, the Americans will, I hope begin to realize how important the Constitution is, and how right the founding fathers were.

If they ever learn what a founding father is, of course, and who and what they were. Some of those kids thought we fought the Revolution with France. One said Russia, most hadn’t a clue. Only one girl knew it was England.

As the old radio show, Fibber McGee and Molly said (well, Molly always said it). “Taint  Funny, McGee.” By the way, Fibber and Molly were delightfully Irish and no one complained.

For myself, I’d like to see Obama deposed from his throne for: Fast and Furious; Failure to do anything about the Marine in a Mexican jail, supposedly in Obama’s  politics,  because he had a gun; Benghazi – again failure to protect our citizens – gross negligence and lying; The IRS scandal – using them as a political too; Failure to carry out the laws passed by Congress – i.e. changing them illegally or only carrying out the parts he wanted to; Failure to see that the Justice Department is doing it’s sworn duty; Lying to the American people deliberately and willingly; Failure to carry out his duties for Veterans as their Commander in Chief, letting them die while he goes out campaigning; Failure to follow the Constitution. Lying. Lying. Lying. And now, deliberately, knowingly and with planning  using children as immigrants to destroy the Immigration Department and our country.

Of course, the obvious problem side of uncrowning the king is that Biden will be president. Perhaps that is why he was picked – to make it harder to impeach Obama.  But I don’t think Biden can do much damage. He hasn’t the following. Although the press probably still won’t cover the news properly. They’ll just repeat Biden’s lip slips.

Well, I’ll settle for that. But I’ll wish for Biden a long and healthy life. The next one up is Pelosi. I think she is the most disliked person in Congress, although Harry Reid must be a contender. But, we need to get the establishment out of congress and the news away from Obama.

So, how many more good birthdays can the United States of America count on? It all depends upon you. We need more than just a  little tweaking.

Happy Birthday, United States of America – and many, many more.









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Once upon a time –

Sorry, I can’t resist. Every time I start anything with those four words, I get groans and a lecture on how a writer should never start anything with that phrase. But I love doing it. Mischief? I don’t know – I love corny jokes and puns, so maybe that’s it. Or maybe that as a child I loved fairy tales.

I’m one of those odd writers who have no idea what they are going to say when they sit down at the computer. Oh, I have something I want to talk about but haven’t a clue even how to start. Everything I say depends upon that first sentence. Once that is down, I never get a writer’s block. It’s quite possible that before I’m done, my reader may wish I did. The words flow.

There is one word that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. Shame.

Once upon a time shame was a major player on the stage of life. When I think of the word, the first thing that comes to mind is Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter” and I cringe, thinking of all the heartbreak the combination has caused.

I’m not quite that old, but old enough to remember when “shame on you” was a normal thing to say to a misbehaving child. Again I cringe at the thought. Shame can be a good teaching tool but it can also be a destroyer. It takes real wisdom and love to know the risk.

The other day a friend and I had a “discussion” (a polite argument, rather) about saying someone was a liar. He said it was a hate word. I said it is a fact. If a person lies consistently, he is a liar according to the definition. Even more so if it is done with malice as certain of our politicians do openly today. Some people do have a habit of elaborating tales consistently, but we mostly look upon him (a generic him) with humor or tolerance.

And again, I’ll go back to once upon a time and recall that to be named a liar was truly a shameful thing. In the movies men got shot for that.

The problem is, today we have so few moral standards that shame is almost non-existent. You can’t have shame if noting you do is shameful. The total reluctance to admit that anything is bad encourages bad behavior.

A big part of that is being politically correct. It too encourages bad behavior. To not say “terrorist”  but “workplace violence” not only mitigates the horror, but the guilt of the murderer.

I don’t like to think of people deliberately being cruel to each other – verbally, since that is what we are talking about. But the bigger cruelty is to encourage.our politicians to deliberately lie with a straight face, allow children to tear up a school hall.and urinate all over and call it mischief, to be so politically correct that you cannot speak of an evil act without being fined or jailed for “hate” speech. A difference of opinion is not hate.  Truth is not hate. It is a fact.

We need to get our act together. Words have meanings. Truth is truth. Shame can be useful. We need to be honest enough to know what is shameful and what is not.

Words used to distort are as big a lie as a direct statement of untruth. Distortion is an untruth.

Let’s buy every politician a dictionary and let us start being honest with each other. Let children know that actions have consequences and good character means what it says.

Let’s cut out this politically correct nonsense. No matter what you say, someone, somewhere in the world will  be offended.  There are always at least two sides  to a question, therefore, half the people will be offended all the time.

Grow up, people. If everyone is so thin-skinned, everyone needs a good dose of reality.