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According to  an unadmirer (is that a word?) of my thoughts, the Evil one speaks again:

Sympathy cannot dictate policy.

Democrats have a fit (publicly) over amnesty. They claim anyone else is hard-hearted and cruel and drag up all the sad stories they can to prove that they are the saints and those who call for thoughtfulness are sinners, Evil, as they say.

But what they don’t see – refuse to see, is that every sad story has an opposite sad story.

The illegal immigrant struggles to make a living and because of circumstances, her child can’t go to college (not usually the case, these days). Well for that illegal immigrant there are probably two black citizen children who can’t go to college because their family wages are so low. Companies don’t hire the black woman or man because immigrants are cheaper or, if they are hired (the black man or woman) it too is at slave labor prices where the worker can barely exist. Believe it or not, there are even white children who can’t go to college.

     Then there is the tax that is taken from all citizen’s wages to pay for the illegal’s schooling, medical care, food, law enforcement.  And more taxes that our grandchildren are going to be burdened with.

Actually, I believe the present government is more than satisfied with this outcome because your grandchildren will be more like lemmings if they can only exist in a controlled world. They will become dependent on the government too.

     Politically, congress is stumped. It can’t get anything done because the bleeding hearts stand on their perceived holiness and refuse any realistic solution. Also they believe illegals will swell the number of  their party members

     Actions have consequences. When a woman enters the country illegally, she sets up her own problems. If a man shoots someone, he knows there is a possibility he will receive the death penalty. He, in fact, accepts that risk when he  shoots. But, when he faces the outcome, he cries “foul”.

     When the woman has the baby here in the US, she believes she is entitled to special consideration – all because she broke the law and relies on the bleeding hearts to rescue her from HER actions, choices.
Oh – I can hear you democrats accusing me of a hard heart, as my friend who calls me Evil said, I have no heart! I feel as much sympathy as he does for all those sad people who have no food, no work, no hope.

     The imigrants, instead of looking for someone to support them,should see that changes are made in THEIR government. Mexico, for instance had several revolutions – one from the church, one from European governments. They have given up. Let the U.S take care of it. They are so rich (they’ve got 20 trillion because they borrowed it from China. They should give some to us!)

     As for people with no food, no work, no hope – the bleeding hearts have done nothing for the blacks in our own country (the blacks are already in their voting block) . They have every bit as much despair as the Latin Americans in THEIR country.

     The democrats complain that big money is the enemy – well, maybe it is – it pays to bring alll these problems to us. It is they who want the slave labor, they responsible for the harm to our democracy. Not as the democrats claim by running the government but by using it to subvert democracy, bring in all these aliens guaranteed to vote democratic. That is the sin of big money – not someone working for democracy like the Koch brothers.

113 billion a year. The yearly  cost to us of illegal immigrants Soon to rise!

Your children and grandchildren will pay for the diplaced sympathy for immigrants. How about feeling sorry for your own offspring?

When the finances of our country collapse, will you still be so willing to feed the illegals? When our countrymen are literally fighting each other for food and existance, will you survive to feed your own family? When the government has no money to pay for social security, what will you do? Flee to Mexico for asylum?

Who will have your sympathy when we have chaos because our country’s finances have collapsed? If we only have inflation like Germany had where a loaf of bread will cost a million dollars, we’ll be lucky. This is not baloney. If we don’t do something about our economy soon, catastrophe is unavoidable. How much more can we borrow? How much of that are you willing to continue to pay for immigrants?

     What will happen to your sympathy for illegals  in the face of disaster? Whom will you want to save, your grandchildren or the illegal immigrant grandchildren?

Enlightened self interest. It’s an interesting thought. If it is enlightened, it isn’t selfish, it is sensible, reasonable, more than that often preferable. Why don’t we just give half our national wealth to, say, Mexico. It would solve some of their problems for a few weeks. But then, they have problems money cannot fix and those continue to wreck the country. In a month they could ask for more. But when we gave them half our income we destroyed our financial well-being and can’t care for ourselves, let alone help them again. So we all are in a mess. If, in the first place, we hadn’t given half our income, we could be in a position to do something reasonable to help.

So, refusing to yield to sympathetic impulses in the first place was not selfish, Evil, as my friend says. It was the better path. Enlightened self-interest.

     Wake up and be realistic for a change. Sympathy cannot rule good sense.

By the way, if I use Mexico as an example, it is because it is so close, has so many problems and we do have a sizeable population of them It is NOT because I hate Mexicans. So, please leave out your politically correct and prejudiced assumptions. They are just distractions from the truth.